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SORA Consulting helps you get SORA legal approval  for flying your drone in Switzerland and Europe

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About SORA Consulting

If you’re an organisation in need of a drone mission approval, an executive briefing on what’s going on in the world of drones, or training on how to use the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) tool, contact us!

At SORA Consulting we believe that with the appearance of commercial drones, the sky is in everybody’s reach and it’s no longer necessary to go through extensive aviation training to access this vast airspace. More than ever, easy-to-use systems make it possible for organisations within a wide spectrum of industries to facilitate daily tasks and save considerable money.

Unfortunately, compliance with today’s laws and negotiating with airspace regulators is often still time consuming and costly. With our industry connections, our extensive knowledge of the SORA methodology and vast experience in the field, we at SORA Consulting, make it our mission to help you and your company get your drone approved.

SORA Consulting has already tailored authorisations for many large organisations, while at the same time being a trusted advisor to the Swiss Government on drone operations.


After studying mechanical engineering at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanneand Aerospace engineering at Delft Techical University, I saw an opportunity to immerse myself in the world of drones by joining the Swiss Federal Office of Civil aviation FOCA. There I developed standard scenarios for drone operations in Switzerland and contributed to the developement of the SORA riskassessment tool. After gaining considerable insight and knowledge inoperational authorisations and risk assessment for drones, I founded SORA Consulting to advise companies, NGO’s, and government bodies on operational authorisations and strategic drone related topics in Switzerland and internationally

Our Services

SORA Consulting is specialized in helping you with all topics related to Drone regulations. If you need to be compliant with a Standard Scenario, want to know more about the EU Regulations on drone (EU 947/947) or if you need an approval to fly your drones

SORA Handling & LUC approval

Training Courses

Regulatory / Standard committee representation

Do you want to fly beyond visual line of sight, or near a gathering of people? Are you planning to perform a spraying operation or is your drone more than 25kg? We’ll get your operation approved!

  • No background in aviation needed
  • Full scale risk assessment
  • Communication with relevant authorities
  • Easy to apply solutions

SORA Consulting will take over all or part of your application process and get your project approved

Do you want to have the SORA knowhow inside your company? I have trained the inspectors of the Civil Aviation authorities of Switzerland in how to use SORA to approve missions as well as trained dozens of people in the use of SORA to have their missions approved.

SORA Consulting offers tailored training courses online and on-site that fit the needs of your organization

SORA Consulting is part of JARUS WG-6 SRM and part of the EU Shepherd project.

SORA Consulting offers to represent your interests on standard or regulatory committees.

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